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Natalia Marte

2018-2019 Regional Chair

My name is Natalia Marte and it is my honor to serve as your 2018-2019 Northeast Regional Chair. After serving both on the executive board of the University at Buffalo’s chapter and on the NEBLSA board this past year, my love and dedication for NEBLSA has grown tremendously. I have had the pleasure of developing relationships with so many passionate, conscientious, and committed members in our region. Attending various NEBLSA events, such as the Academic Retreats and Regional Convention, have allowed me to immerse myself in Black excellence and inspired me to continue fighting towards our mission and purpose.  

Celebrating our 50th anniversary led us to reflect on the progress that we have made and acknowledge the impact NEBLSA has had in our communities. Hence, the theme for our region this term is “Agents of Change: Utilizing our Platforms as Social Engineers.” As we enter our 51st year, it is imperative that we remind ourselves of our purpose and duty as Black law students. We must utilize our platform and skills to advocate for the Black men and women who are being targeted and murdered by police, revitalize the economy in our neighborhoods, mentor our youth, and engage in any other social engineering opportunities that will uplift our communities. We are the agents of change and our people depend on us. Let us draw from the spirit of the Black Panthers and the civil rights movement to lead our communities to freedom and liberation. 

Thank you all for providing me with the opportunity to lead our region. I look forward towards working with all of our chapters, members, and alumni, to continue the Black excellence in the Northeast Region!

Peace, Love, and Solidarity,
Natalia Marte, 2018-2019 Regional Chair