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Meet the 56th NEBLSA Chair:
Fontaine R. Chambers


To The Notable and Noteworthy Northeast,

l am humbled to serve as the 56th Regional Chair of the Northeast Black Law Students Association (NEBLSAJ. I know that

many are called but few are chosen, and it is an immense honor to lead and carry on the legacy of our Founder, Algernon Johnson "A.J." Cooper, with the Executive Board.


For the 2023-2024 term, we are equally committed to pushing forward the mission of increasing the number of culturally responsible Black and minority attorneys who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community. We will continue to cultivate the #NEBLSAExperience by creating opportunities designed to make our members feel safe, welcomed, and celebrated.


NEBLSA is "the" region, and we proudly represent this sentiment Over the years, we have demonstrated our impact through meaningful engagement, and this term will be no different. We intend to not onlv host our traditional programming and events but to also brainstorm and execute initiatives dedicated to service.


That said, we would like to highlight our vision for this term:

  • Strive for Excellence 

    • Facilitate programming that will support the "whole" minority law student through a holistic perspective that will empower our members to succeed professionally, excel academically, and ensure cultural competence.

  • Uplift & Engage 

    • Financial renovation to address forward-facing financial challenges for our local chapters while aiding students with noneconomic and social concerns by increasing our engagement through sponsorship and partnership

  • Commitment to Service -

    • Foster a sense of familial bonds, cultivate safe spaces, and serve the needs of our communities. We belong and deserve to be in all spaces.

With those objectives in mind, the theme for this year is:


Our leadership is present and willing to support, uplift, and uphold the values of this esteemed organization. We are excited to collaborate and provide experiences that resemble the heritage and influence of the Notable Northeast!


My leadership style embodies service and that is what I envision for NEBLSA 56. As a woman of color, already in a leadership role, the crux of I am stems from being a SERVANT.

What is a SERVANT:

  1. Selfless

    • Putting the needs of those I serve first while upholding the mission and values of NEBLSA.

​  2. Empathetic

  • In order to lead NEBLSA 56, I need to know what it feels like to walk a mile in their shoes.​

  3.  Resolve

  • Action and solution-oriented to achieve objectives.

  4. Vision

  • Vision for NEBLSA 56, for the board, for you:

    • Excellence

    •  Uplift & Engage

    • Community

  5. Authentic

  • Authenticity ties intentions to actions without pretense.

  • Being transparent about actions and intentions. 

  6. Need to fulfill your needs.

  • For NEBLSA to thrive, I must always be on the lookout for new ideas, be open-minded, and willing to be vulnerable to their people.

  7. Thorough

  • I have a strong emphasis on short-term results without regard for long-term costs. Being meticulous about curating a successful 2023-2024 term. 

Thank you all for allowing me to serve and entrusting me to lead NEBLSA!

With NEBLSA Love and Forward Motion,


Fontaine R. Chambers

56th Northeast Regional Chair

Fontaine Chambers Headshot.HEIC
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