George Morgan, Jr.

2020 - 2021 Regional Chair

My name is George Morgan Jr. and I could not feel more honored and humbled to have the opportunity to introduce myself as your 2020 – 2021 Regional Chair of the Notable and Noteworthy Northeast Region. Here at Quinnipiac University School of Law, I started my legal career as one of three black men in a class of 125 budding attorneys. This made me feel drawn to the community provided by my local BLSA Chapter where I held the position of 1L Representative. Everything began to develop at the Regional Convention in New Hampshire where I met so many smart, confident, well-dressed, and charismatic black law students. At this time I decided it was time to conquer the imposter syndrome while investing in something bigger than me: NEBLSA. It is with my experience working at the local level and the regional level as Regional Parliamentarian, as well as my experience with our Job Fair, Academic Retreats, two Regional Conventions, and two National Conventions that I have realized my passion for promoting Black Excellence and giving back to the Region that made me realize my legal potential.
This year is the 53rd year of NEBLSA and we simply could never have made it here if it were not for people like my Madame Chair, Natalia Marte, who led this region for two successful terms and ended with NEBLSA being named the Region of the Year for 2019 - 2020. The theme for our Region this term is inspired by Natalia and all of those who have fought to build the success we have today: Standing Today, Soaring Tomorrow! Last year, we had our largest and most successful Job Fair to date which serves as one of several examples of why my mission is not to restructure or rebuild our region, but to revitalize it while working off of the wealth of knowledge and experience left for us by our predecessors. I am very confident in the work to be accomplished alongside my partner, Vice Chair Maraya Aboly-Brown, and the rest of our motivated Board of Directors.
As I begin my term, I must also recognize our National Board. This year, I am fortunate enough to be working with our National Chair, Rachel Barnes, in her second term as National Chair. I look forward to further developing our relationship and to combining our ambitions and experiences to lead NBLSA into another member-focused year. In order to do so, I would like to encourage our membership to consider applying for the National Board. There are over ten positions that remain vacant and those spots are screaming for members of our region to take them and represent us on the national level. If you might be interested, do not hesitate to contact me or our National Chair Rachel Barnes at
I wanted to be a Psychiatrist until I watched a Civil Rights documentary as a Freshman at UConn. I called my Mom and, in response to my ramblings, she said, “Georgie, it sounds like you want to help people on a larger scale. You should consider Law.” My larger scale this year is NEBLSA. Anything and everything that I can do to help every single one of you – I will do. For now, please be safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. We are all in this together.

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