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Become a member: Why you should join NEBLSA?

For 57 years, the Northeast Black Law Students Association, NEBLSA, has dedicated itself to nurturing culturally responsible Black and minority law students who not only excel academically but also thrive professionally and make a positive impact on their communities. Our members emerge as trailblazers in the realm of creative lawyering, progressing to assume roles as influential activists, visionary thought leaders, and astute strategic thinkers. Our esteemed alumni, comprising individuals such as general counsel, judges, non-profit executives, and accomplished business operatives, serve as a living testament to the resounding success of our distinctive approach.



NEBLSA facilitates invaluable connections for our members and alumni, providing unparalleled opportunities to network, explore new professional avenues, and cultivate lifelong friendships. Membership isn't just a commitment; it's a pathway to a supportive community, a host of benefits, and access to academic resources that empower students to reach their highest potential during their time in law school.

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