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Why Join NEBLSA?

Our regional initiatives are focused on empowering our membership to utilize their platforms as social engineers, and supporting them as they strive for social justice.

Our calendar includes programs that are designed to encourage academic excellence, professional development, community engagement, and also provide members with opportunities to network with attorneys through the region.
If you have any questions regarding NEBLSA, the work we do, or the benefits of being a member, please feel free to contact 
Kiefer Campbell, Northeast Regional Dir. of Membership at


The Regional Convention
The Regional Convention is our largest annual event and provides attendees with invaluable opportunities to enjoy keynote speakers and panel discussions, participate in workshops, attend the career fair, and compete at the regional competition level for the National Black Law Students Association's Advocacy Competitions. Additionally, the Regional Convention provides countless opportunities to engage in meaningful networking with hundreds of prospective and current law students, legal practitioners, judges and employers!

Academic & Leadership Retreat
NEBLSA hosts annual academic retreats in each of its four subregions where students learn to maximize opportunities during law school and receive crucial academic support from professors, lawyers, and more tenured law students. During NEBLSA's Leadership Retreats, BLSA Presidents from across the region gather for a period of collaboration designed to provide them with the tools & skills necessary to efficiently lead their local chapters.

Career Fair Program
Each year, BLSA students from across the nation who are interested in practicing in the Northeast region attend NEBLSA 's annual career fair. The event attracts dozens of law firms, non-profits, and government agencies interested in recruiting unique, diverse talent.

Community Involvement
NEBLSA aims to promote both professional and personal relationships among Black and minority law students. We actively engage our alumni and foster lifelong friendships by hosting social events including brunches and monthly membership mixers. Additionally, we work together to uplift our community via organized efforts such as food drives, civic engagement events, legal workshops, and other service projects.

Pre-Law Division
NEBLSA's PreLaw Division promotes diversity in the legal profession by hosting workshops, panels, networking events, and more that are designed to assist prospective Black and minority law students with successfully navigating the law school admissions process.

Advocacy Competitions
NEBLSA annually hosts the regional rounds of NBLSA's Constance Baker Motley Mock Trial & Thurgood Marshall Moot Court Competitions. NEBLSA members are also eligible to participate in the Nelson Mandela International Negotiations Competition at the national level.

Legislative & Judicial Advocacy
Since its inception, NBLSA has made meaningful contributions to the legal and legislative discourse of America. This high-impact engagement contributes to the shaping and sharpening of our advocacy skills and helps foster the holistic growth of the entirety of our membership. Some of NBLSA's notable advocacy projects include the annual authorship of an amicus brief, regional law journal publication, Legal Pad, and heavily-attended Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference events.


One Year
Pre-Law: $15
Law Student: $50
LLM: $50
Alumni: $90

Two Year
Law Student: $60

Three Year
Law Student: $90

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