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Registration is officially open! To secure your spot at the Convention, please click on the provided link. This year, we are implementing a tiered pricing structure for registration, with the following rates:

Convention Rates

October 23 through November 13

Early Bird I: $170 


November 14 through December 4
Early Bird II: $180 


December 5 through January 12

Regular Registration: $200 

Bulk registration 

Additionally, we offer a bulk registration option for groups of 5 or more students. If you intend to register in bulk, send an email to our NEBLSA Convention Coordinator, Lia, please use the following email address: We will provide you with a unique school-specific code. It's important to note that registration prices for competition participants will remain unchanged.

If competition coaches are not law students, the Registration fee will be $130.00.


Please be aware that both Early Bird and General Registration deadlines are non-negotiable, and extensions will not be granted. Should you miss the Registration deadline, you will not be able to register.

The Convention Pricing covers the expenses associated with attending our Gala, grants access to panel sessions, and includes meals for the entirety of the Regional Convention.

It's crucial to bear in mind that this pricing does not encompass competition registration. For competition registration, please utilize the following links:


NEBLSA is pleased to provide bus transportation for students attending the Regional Convention, with departures from NYC and Boston. Please be aware that bus seating is limited. The buses will depart from NYC and Boston on Wednesday, February 7, 2023, and they will return to their respective cities on Sunday, February 11, 2023. Important: These are the exclusive days on which NEBLSA will arrange bus transportation. Registration for bus transportation must be completed individually via the "Bus Registration" section on WildApricot. Each student must be registered one by one.

Roundtrip Busing Cost 

October 23 through November 13, 2023

Early Bird Bus I: $65

November 14 through December 4, 2023

Early Bird Bus II: $85 

December 5th until tickets sell out!

Regular Registration Busing:  $120

*Please note due to limited seating availability, registering early significantly increases your chances of securing transportation to and from the convention.*

Hotel & Lodging Information

We're thrilled to announce that NEBLSA's 56th Annual Regional Convention will be hosted at the luxurious Hyatt in Buffalo, New York. As a special benefit for NEBLSA attendees, we've secured an exclusive discounted rate of just $139 per night. Join us at this exceptional venue and enjoy both an enriching convention experience and comfortable accommodations.

Dress  Code

  • Panels and Workshops: Business Professional.

  • Career Fair: Business Professional.

  • Gala: Black Tie - the Color is Black 

  • Trap & Paint: Embrace a throwback to the early 2000s. More details will be shared soon.

  • Mixers and Soirees: Casual.

Competiton Information 

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